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APRA AMCOS announces a bumper year for songwriters thanks to streaming and export revenue. Total royalties payable to songwriters, publishers and affiliated societies (net distributable revenue) $335.9m, 17.7 per cent year on year growth. Streaming royalties $62.2m, 127 per cent year on year growth. Royalties earned overseas $43.5m, 13.6 per cent year on year growth. Video on Demand royalties $14.1m, 69.9 per cent year on year growth. Live music royalties $20.4m, 15.9 per cent year on year growth.
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The Going Global Music Summit provides musicians, producers, composers, labels, promoters, industry professionals and fans a chance to perform, discuss, learn, teach, and interact in front of an audience of like-minded peers in an environment that encourages the global exchange of ideas, techniques and trends. Full speaker list and event info available here @ http://www.goingglobal.co.nz/

The APRA Silver Scroll top 20 finalists have just been announced. Plenty of talented Christchurch ex-pats are featured including Bic Runga, Nadia Reid, Lawrence Arabia, and Aldous Harding.

Widely considered the most prestigious accolade in New Zealand Music, this award recognises outstanding achievement in the craft of Songwriting. The overall winner will be announced at the awards in Dunedin on September 28th.

Nominations for the Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards 2017 are now open. 

Unless otherwise specified, nominations are open to NZ recordings released during the eligibility period of 1 August 2016 - 31 July 2017.

You can view 2017 Eligibility Criteria and Category Definitions here:


Entries open now for RoundUp 2017, full details available here: