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CHART - The Christchurch Music Industry Trust manages www.chart.org.nz - Christchurch music news, events, artists, venues, studios, festivals, gig guides, industry seminars, giveaways and much more. Christchurchmusic.org.nz, the garden city's main music portal keeps you up to date with the latest music industry news, events and opportunities updated daily.



CHART - The Christchurch Music Industry Trust is music industry representative body for contemporary popular music in Christchurch. With dedicated staff and an advisory board made up of passionate local music advocates with extensive industry experience, CHART acts as a support and advice network for the Christchurch music industry. CHART hosts regular professional development events, live music showcases, seminars and workshops and manages www.chart.org.nz.



CHART 's beginnings started in late 2005 when a group of local music industry enthusiasts and recent Christchurch returnees, armed with national and international experience in the music industry who combined forces to voluntarily help build the capability of the music community in Christchurch.

CHART was incorporated as a Charitable Trust in April 2006 and since then has been acting as a support and advisory network undertaking projects that are strategically focused on Infrastructure, Promotion, Live Performance, Training, Quality Product, Support Services and Technology aspects of the local music industry.

Since July 2006, www.chart.org.nz receives regular visitors and requests from NZ and around the world.


CHART has collected the city’s artists, venues, studios, music schools, labels and much more in a comprehensive database, listed thousands of gigs, released promo cd samplers, staged and supported several successful music industry and live events including CHARTFEST. Career and performance opportunities and a self-help resource of links to all aspects of the music industry in Christchurch are also available. CHART is a national and international voice for Christchurch music and is excited about the future of the industry in this famous breeding ground of musical talent.

Find out more on how to promote your show or event through chart.org.nz.



In 2002 the Canterbury Development Corporation (CDC) began researching the Christchurch creative industries sector and in consultation with the music sector revealed significant growth opportunities and capability that had already resulted in Christchurch artists such as Scribe, Hayley Westenra, Bic Runga, Anika Moa, Julia Deans and bands such as The Feelers, Shapeshifter and Zed achieving success both nationally and internationally. Some of these Christchurch artists have created history: Scribe is the first NZ artist to ever go platinum in Australia and Hayley Westenra has had the fastest selling debut classical album ever in the UK. There are a number of music industry professionals living in Christchurch with significant international experience in addition to the artists and bands.

A number of gaps were identified however such as a lack of music industry infrastructure, suitable venues and support services especially when compared with other cities in New Zealand. Many believed a representative music body was needed to act as the face of Christchurch music, support the growth of the music industry and also secure closer relationships with music organisations and government agencies based in the North Island.

Realising the strengths and opportunities in the music industry in terms of economic, social and cultural value, in partnership with the music industry, the Christchurch Music Industry Trust was established to address the identified gaps and support the growth of the music industry of Christchurch. Being economically neutral, a charitable trust governed by experienced industry people was deemed to be the ideal vehicle for strengthening the Christchurch music community.


* to develop and increase opportunities for Christchurch musicians to compose and produce music in Christchurch for the benefit of the public.

* to create a centralised entity for the Christchurch music industry for all genres of music which may act as a liaison with national music organisations, government agencies, companies and media and to provide a forum where the public can access the Christchurch music industry.

* to provide education, advice and knowledge about resources available to those involved in the Christchurch music industry.

* to initiate and/or support Christchurch Music Industry projects that will help to increase industry growth, employment and business sustainability for Christchurch musicians for the benefit of the public.

* to provide support to Christchurch musicians to help gain access to music forums for the benefit of the public.

* to help Christchurch musicians co-operate by sharing resources and ideas to create a music community in Christchurch

* to educate Christchurch musicians on career development and the Christchurch music industry.

* to educate the public about the Christchurch music industry to encourage the public to support and participate in the Christchurch music industry.