Artificial Selections

Astoundingly unpublished after 15 years ‘Artificial Selections’ began as a post millennium concept created by Mike Petrie & James Meharry in the summer of 2001. Carefully re-mastered over a decade later this never-been-released collection continues to speak from the past, present and future. Deep jungle break beats reference funk and hip-hop origins of the 1980’s. Block party breaks wrapped up in hardcore tomes from a 90’s rave generation, with sinusoidal sub-bass rhythms pulsing x-way visions through bodies from a distant dance floor.

 A widely accepted claim of the last decade is that there is no new music. That everything is a remix, a collage or a sample in some way paying homage to a piece of history that preceded it. This leftfield release however points to an alternative world of alternating rhythm and structure that literally transforms the sources that it draws from.  

FUK TH3 4OR MAT (Fuck the format) gestures with a post-cyberpunk middle finger, pointed towards market traditions and institutional formulas within modern electronica. James Meharry AKA Pylonz muses that the title “reminds us as DJ's, music makers, and music lovers to forget what's expected of us and just experiment.” 

 ‘Artificial Selections’ by FUK TH3 4OR MAT – out on Deep Needs Audio from 1st Oct 2016  Free D/L for October –