Bryony Matthews releases Little Queen

Christchurch based singer/songwriter Bryony Matthews is pleased to announce the release her forthcoming debut album Little Queen, due for release on May 5th.

Matthews writes unique, considered, lyrics-focused folk-pop offerings, with her band lending an upbeat ambiance to the songs.

Case in point is lead single ‘Voices’; whilst the lyrics are full of angst and confusion, the instrumentation picks it up and turns it into an upbeat, danceable track. Guitarist Adam Hattaway lends a beautifully distinctive lead guitar riff, with drummer Aj Park grounding the song with a swinging beat.

Second single ‘Alexander’ is an unabashed love song. Matthews' catchy double tracked vocals punctuate warm washes of electric guitar propelled by buoyant percussion.

Matthews enlisted Dictaphone Blues front man Eddie Castelow to produce the album, bringing drummer AJ Park and guitarist Adam Hattaway along for the ride.

The crafted songwriting and purity of vision of Little Queen places Matthews firmly in the upper stratum of NZ’s alt folk music scene.

Little Queen will be available for purchase from Bandcamp.  To listen, head to Spotify and Soundcloud.

Bryony Matthews forthcoming shows to be announced.